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What's included with your Monthly Membership?

Circuit Workouts

Just like a regular gym, we will have days on the calendar where you can come to "workout". Register and grab a spot (limited number of spots available) and go through exercises you need to build your marketing step-by-step. We will give you the info you need and you can do things like work on your 30-second commercial or plan out your social media with all the info you need to make it easy. ​

Meet the Expert talks

I'll have experts come in and speak on a topic

Guided Networking

Learn how to be an expert networker through this interactive networking event.

What can you get as add-ons to your membership?

Meet your Marketing Trainer - Lia Allen

Hi, I’m Lia. I help Business Owners eliminate the feast and famine cycles

of Business. Through my Business Marketing Gym, you get the concept of a gym with a monthly membership and “workouts” you can register for and attend so you can build a stronger business that runs like a well-oiled machine.

One-on-one Marketing support

When you hire a marketing trainer (like Lia), you will get feedback you need to succeed in your marketing efforts

Implementation Days

Experts will come in on these days for you to take an even bigger action on your marketing

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