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A monthly program to help teach and encourage entrepreneurs is being launched to help business owners create and implement marketing strategies that are geared for their individual businesses.

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About The Gym

Here is How You Can Learn to Increase Your Business Revenue by 300% in Just 10 Minutes a Day

Are You Tired of the Feast or Famine Cycle of Business?
Do You Think You Don’t Have Time To Market?

Welcome and get ready for a new and exciting concept, a Business Marketing Gym! What is a Business Marketing Gym? I am glad you asked. It is a mastermind group of entrepreneurs that meet on a regular basis to learn, grow, encourage and enrich. We will meet both in person as well as virtually.

We will have monthly trainings where we learn various business concepts and practices to help us grow our businesses.

You can bring your marketing material to our meetings. We will help you determine what is working, what may not be working and then offer suggestions to improve them.

You will meet and network with like minded individuals who will, over time, become an extension of your sales-force.

You will realize you are not alone; there are other business owners like yourself who are experiencing some of the same things you are experiencing. Together we will find solutions and create new opportunities.

We are dedicated to eliminating the feast or famine cycle in your business. We created this gym to help show entrepreneurs that they don’t have to go it alone, they can have a plan, they can implement it and they will see results. That includes more time, more money and more enjoyment.

Have you ever heard someone complain “it’s either feast or famine.” They find it hard to plan. They wind up with resource issues which include lack of money, time and material. One week they may be working overtime. The next week they are worrying about layoffs. Why does that happen? Can it be avoided? I think the answer is emphatically yes! By implementing a consistent approach to marketing your business and services, you will realize a more consistent and predictable flow of business. That is why this Business Marketing Gym was created.

Join us to learn how to work your marketing muscles! You will learn simple things you can do every day to market your business. Remember, it doesn’t require a lot of effort, but it has to be consistent effort. Just 15 minutes a day can make a huge difference in your business.

Gym Concept

There are many people who join gyms. They usually want similar things. They want to get fit or lose weight. Some are there to meet people. Everyone joins with good intentions.

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Gym Information

What do you get in the Business Marketing Gym?

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Milana LeshinskyI was fortunate to meet Lia Allen when I first moved to the York area. All of a sudden I felt like a world of opportunities opened to me! She’s been doing business in this area for so many years, I call her my ”walking network” – she knows everyone, and everyone knows her! I also experience Lia’s amazing brain power when we brainstorm together. Her nature is to think outside the box and come up with creative marketing solutions I haven’t even considered! I am a part of anything Lia ever puts together, because I know the value she brings to the table when she’s in the room!”

Milana Leshinsky, York PA